2017 – Off To A Rubbish Start

AS THE festivities came to an end early on Sunday morning, efforts were already underway to clean up the rubbish left behind by happy revellers.

Singing, dancing, and jubilation of the day will be remembered for weeks and months to come but the environmental costs of our festivities will probably quickly be forgotten.

The day after is for hangovers and litter pickers; a global phenomenon where the wasted fail to exercise waste management.

So how much trash did Singapore chuck away at New Year countdown parties as it welcomed in 2017?

A whopping 35 tons!

How Much Is That?!

That’s almost one and a half Terrex infantry carriers.

Other major cities around the world were no different, with London’s Westminster City Council reporting 85 tons of waste on New Year’s Eve. They must have been in a corker of a mood post-Brexit, or drowning their sorrows, with an estimated 15,000 champagne bottles collected.

Our Southern neighbours Jakarta partied big this year —generating a startling 225 tons of waste that needed a small army of 6,000 workers to clean up.

By comparison, party playground Las Vegas only generated 14 tons as they closed The Strip to traffic for a street wide celebration attended by 330,000 raucous partygoers.

Dubai entertained an unprecedented two million revellers this year and generated 27 tons of trash.

If you are starting to feel a tinge of guilt over all the decadent waste on New Years Eve, maybe you may want to think about recycling in 2017.

Find out more on how to recycle your e-waste HERE.

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