2023: What’s Your Strategy?

2023 strategy

IN a conversation that looked optimistically towards the new year, the WED WEB CHAT — 2023: What’s Your Strategy? also had several clouds of uncertainty about what to expect.

Talent was one of the key issues of the discussion.

Nicole Seah, the Youth Wing President of The Workers’ Party raised the issue of a demand and supply misalignment in terms of seeking and finding good talent.

Martin Bém, Founding Managing Director of Ponte Group, wonders where the good talent is hiding. 

Mike Hagbeck, CEO of regional storage facility, StorHub, says that with a small company of 300 people, the talent is available, across the spectrum; from Millennials to Boomers. Depending on the role, the enthusiastic fresh talent work well with the experienced hands.

Marlene Ditzig, recently returned from New York City, is in the midst of setting up “the -ish” a consultancy to help women build their professional brands.

Beyond talent, there are the much-discussed issues of rising costs, the war in Ukraine, China’s stance towards Covid, sticky logistics and much more.

Rising interest rates will pose challenges, reckons Mike, while Martin questions the viability of some digital innovations. In particular, food delivery services.

“Nobody makes money,” he insists. Restaurants pay 30% to the service, and  the service is just buying up market share without showing any profits.

How long before the shiny digital thing is dull and lifeless?

Can We Compete With Our Hungry Neighbours?

In the video below, Nicole talks about the hunger that exists in other countries. In Vietnam, she says, empires are being built from scratch. In Singapore, she opines, the mindset should shift towards international competition. With the assistance of kind leadership.

4 Key Lessons For 2023

What are the key lessons from 2022 that the panellists will bring with them into the new year?

Do less to achieve more, is Nicole’s goal.

Balance automation with hiring the right people, is Mike’s view.

Know your audience, says Marlene.

Don’t take anything for granted. There’s always a curve ball around the corner, warns Martin.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — 2023: What’s Your Strategy? below.

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