3 Tips For Good Sleep

WE NEED our eight hours of sleep to be fighting fit the next morning.

Who enjoys the luxury of a full dose of sleep these days?

Statistics show that close to 50% of Singaporean adults suffer from insufficient sleep on weekdays.

Don’t blame it on work.

On average, we spend about 25 years of our lives on the bed. And a lot of that time may not be spent asleep.

You can blame it on your mental state, or perhaps your addictive devices that keep your mind going as you scroll down for the next video that will help you sleep.

Since these new habits are so hard to break, you might as well do it in comfort. Today’s bedroom technology has beds that tilt and come with USB slots to keep you plugged in.

Goh Tjoei Kok, Buyer at Robinsons Bedshop, lays down 3 good reasons why your choice of bed is important.

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