The Challenges Of Living And Working In Singapore

WED WEB CHAT cost of living

CAN Singapore continue to build on a strong past and build a bright future that is often promised?

The past and today are two very different worlds. The make up of society and businesses today are vastly different to the formative years. And expectations are also quite different.

The WED WEB CHAT — Living In This City brought together different generations of entrepreneurs to talk about how they are living and working in a changing society, and  what the future holds for them.

Richard Hoon is an executive search veteran who shares his experience with relative newbies Tracy Tang, owner of a media business and Pamela Sng, CEO of an event planning outfit.

The discussion covered topics like the rising cost of living, the paper qualifications that may not necessarily equate with being smart, disciplining children, the poor in society, creativity and the need to help each other.

Here are highlights from the WED WEB CHAT — Living In This City.

You can watch the full discussion at the foot of this article.

The High Cost Of Doing Business

The high cost of most things in Singapore is forcing some businesses to leave Singapore or consider other countries. The challenge for the government will be how to manage these costs in a competitive environment while developing and retaining local talent that might move to where there is actual work.

Education ≠ Smarts

Equating a degree with making smart decisions is not a given, says Richard Hoon.

Sometimes, after getting their degrees, graduates stop thinking when they get bogged down by work. 

Tracy Tang recalls a situation when foreign talent was favoured over local firms in a public tender, and says local firms should be valued equally.

The 3 ‘A’s Of Hiring Talent

Former headhunter Richard Hoon talks about his approach to identifying talent. He looks for three ‘A’s — Attitude, Aptitude, Ability.

And he has his own views on experience.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Living In This City below.

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