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webinar on starting a business

WHAT drives you to start your own business?

From the comfort of a well-paying position to the uncertainty of starting something and building it up with no assurances that it will take off in the way you’d like it to, that sense of adventure has driven the panellists at the WED WEB CHAT — So, You Want To Start A Business… to plunge into their own endeavours.

From raising funds and finding partners to help grow the business, to marketing and developing exit strategies, their journeys are distinct and their lessons quite relevant, especially for others venturing forth on their own.

During the WED WEB CHAT, they spoke candidly about working lean, raising funds, using technology like Gen AI, building a social media presence, and when the right time would be to make a tough call, be it to sell the business or pull the plug.

Shalu Wasu
With his extensive background in marketing, it seemed only logical that Shalu Wasu would start gimmefy, a platform to make every marketer’s life easier.

Shalu Wasu, Co-founder, gimmefy

Shalu Wasu spent many years in large firms handling marketing strategies. He took his personal experiences and challenges and worked them into gimmefy, a platform to help marketers swiftly get through the nitty gritty of their craft and spend more time on larger issues.

“And this is what I’ve learned…where AI cannot do 100% of the work, it can help to save 70, 80, 90% of the time that we put in into a variety of marketing tasks.”

Christopher Chew Avventura
Christopher Chew started Avventura to bring the immersive experience to theatre.

Christopher Chew, Founder Avventura

Christopher Chew has made full use of his 30 years of extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry to build a company that brings immersive entertainment to audiences. 

“In spite of the dangers that AI poses in creating fake news or fake images and video, I think everyone should learn how to take advantage of it, and use it for good because there are lots of time and cost savings that can you can benefit from using AI properly.”

Joshua Kalinan
Joshua Kalinan brought his extensive wine experiece to the market through his company, Thirstypalate, and added sake to his repertoire.

Joshua Kalinan, Founder Thirstypalate

Joshua Kalinan spent many decades with Singapore Airlines, honing his skills as a sommelier before beating his own path as a beverage specialist and trainer. From wines to sake, he has established his credentials and now has his own sake label, Thirstypalate.

“You have to think differently when you do something, so it will stand out. Build things slowly. Use social media. And don’t give money to the landlord, if you can help it.”

Following are highlights of the WED WEB CHAT — So, You Want To Start A Business….

The full discussion is at the foot of the article.

Starting My Own Business

The panellists talk about the motivating factors that drove them to create their respective businesses.

Understanding the why of something can help go a long way towards understanding how the business will perform and how it is set up to navigate changes in the environment.

Using Social Media & AI Tactically

The modern tools of conducting business make life easier. But they may also require constant learning and relearning to get the most out of them.

How did Joshua grow his base of followers to more than 70,000 on Instagram? He provides his formula.

Exit Strategies

Does one plan for an exit strategy?

Some will say that’s a cop out, and a recipe for failure. Others believe it’s a way to build towards a strong selling position or to avoid incurring heavy losses.

Maintaining Your USP

Having brought your product or service to life, how do you continue to keep it fresh, vibrant and relevant when competitors lurk to offer cheaper and enhanced products, or the wants and needs of your audience shift?

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — So, You Want To Start A Business… below.

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