Forecast For The Jia Chen Year Of The Wood Dragon

year of the dragon predictions

2024 is the Jia Chen year according to the 10,000-year calendar.

As the Dragon is an Earth element, this is a combination of Yang Wood and Yang Earth resulting in a Yang Wood Dragon year. The underlying Na Yin element produced by the combination of these two will be a Fire element.

Yang wood dominates the first half of the year, represented by the Tree. Yang Wood brings system, structure and steadiness. This element has a Yang energy characteristic, depicting a man who is responsible, systematic and structured. Someone who leads by actions.

Yang Earth element found in the Dragon dominates the second half of the year. This is a storage of water energy. A resource for those who are in the wood related industries.

Hexagram For The Yang Wood Dragon Year

The hexagram for Wood Dragon year is the Perseverance  雷风恒 hexagram. The image is that of the wind below thunder.

Hexagram for the Wood Dragon year.

Stability And Constancy

In the same way that thunder and lightning have always been together, the wise person seeks unions that are stable and long lasting.

With an optimistic outlook, your friendships/partnerships will succeed. Everything in life moves as an integrated whole. Discovering this integration allows one to be connected with the Universe, bringing stability while embracing the changes.

How will your animal fare in the year of the Wood Dragon? Read your predictions by Helen Ong — Will Your Animal Roast Or Coast? 

The Wealth Location

With the influence of Wood and Earth elements in 2024 the equity market is likely to experience a change of system or controls. We may see equity markets gaining strength between February and March when the Fire element shows its influence.

Correction or consolidation can be seen in April while slight volatility can be seen in June and July.

The market is likely to see the biggest impact for 2024 in October when the Year elements clash with the Month elements.

It’s a month of a make-or-break scenario.

With the influence of Wood and Fire during the winter months, the market is likely to gain strength and momentum.

Wood element standing on top of earth element brings control to the earth related industries. These industries are likely to lack lustre this year i.e. property market, bonds or long term investments.

For 2024, the wealth star lands in the North and South West and East region. Therefore, it would be good to stay focused on the North and South West countries for your wealth opportunities and investments.

Emerging Powers of Authority

We are still likely to see major shift in the political arena in 2024.

Senior middle-aged men will be leading the political and corporate arena. But we will see more mature women managing and supporting the leaders.

Success can be seen when it comes in a pair of a man and a woman.

Expect radical change in the countries located at the Middle, West and South regions.

How will your animal fare in the year of the Wood Dragon? Read your predictions by Helen Ong — Will Your Animal Roast Or Coast? 

Insights into the Worldly Year

The Dragon is an Earth element which is also seen as a storage of water energy. Controlled by the Wood element standing on top, it brings clarity and transparency. One can expect the authority, policies and systems to be more transparent and organised.

Disasters or accidents, are likely related to earth such as earthquakes, hurricanes, landslides, etc.

Pay attention to April and especially October, being the most critical month, when going into agreements or long-term commitments.

But if you are planning for a revolutionary change, this will be the best time to implement it.

CAUTION! You won’t be able to reverse the change and you need to have the risk appetite to stomach the transition or consequence.

Countries in the Middle, West, and South East are highly affected by conflicting energies.

The Yellow 5 residing at the West region, posing a threat for this region to be afflicted by disasters and misfortunes. This causes contamination, stagnancy with intense challenges or demanding obstacles.

Yearly Star 2 and Grand Duke in the South East brings about sickness and tensions.

Conflicts and wars continues in the Middle East countries with Star 3 residing in this sector.

3 Killings in the South with Star 7 brings accidents and financial loss. Avoid renovation, hacking or drilling in the above sector to bring peace in your environment.

Physical Fitness and Vigour

Liver, nervous system, mental health, hips and thigh areas are amongst the key concerns this year.

With the Covid 19 virus still developing and mutating, it is not surprising to see more respiratory related illnesses in 2024.

Staying vigilant about the state of your immune system is the key to your good health and vitality.

year of the dragon predictions

While Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner, Helen Ong of Senses.Live paints a general picture of what to expect in the Wood Dragon year, how will your animal of the Chinese zodiac fare?

Helen provides her insights.

Read on…may good fortune and wisdom prevail in your life!

rat forecast year of the dragon


For those born in the year of the Rat, the power and authority star is shining at you. If you have been working hard and sowing seeds in the previous years, your efforts will pay off this year.

Career wise, there will be opportunities for leadership and recognition.

However, you need to watch out for gossip, politics, and sabotage. Stay grounded and modest while you are in the limelight.

ox forecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Ox, you have a host of auspicious stars in your chart. You are blessed with good fortune, heaven’s luck and recognition.

If you are planning for personal branding to increase your exposure, this is the best time to take action and gain popularity.

There’s a tendency to be surrounded by gossip and hidden issues, so you will have to watch out for situations where you will need to defend your ground. Stay mindful and vigilant on your decisions and actions. Think before you speak.

tiger forecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Tiger will meet people of nobility and power.

You are likely to be traveling more than usual. Seize the opportunity to widen your horizons which will likely bring your career to the next level.

Those who enjoy adventure and high impact activities, pace yourself to avoid injuries that will leave  scars. For ladies who plan to have cosmetic surgery, you are advised to delay it for a year.

rabbit forecast year of the dragon


Dear Rabbit, unfortunately there is no auspicious star in your palace.

This is not a good year to plan for major changes in your career or personal life. Watch out for sabotage and hidden issues.

And for those who are on the overdrive mode, you will find your health at a tipping point. This is a year to focus on your wellness and take charge of your health.

Lie low on relationship matters. Slow down and rejuvenate your health.

dragon forecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Dragon, this is YOUR year. You are meeting the Grand Duke.

Imagine having your boss sitting next to you. While this can mean that you have a chance to work very closely with your boss, it also means you have to be extremely vigilant to avoid conflicts.

For those who are involved in art and creativity, you are in luck this year. The auspicious star that governs these talents will inspire you in your creations.

Stay cautious while dealing with contracts and agreements to avoid being penalised. Read the fine print and do your due diligence before you commit.

snake forecast year of the dragon


A host of auspicious stars shine upon those born in the year of the Snake.

This is going to be a gourmet year, wherever you go. Enjoy your treats and remember to do more exercise to balance things up.

Those who are planning to further your academic endeavours, this will be a great year to start. With the Heavenly Happiness star shining at you, you are likely to be surrounded by many happy events.

And last, but not least, the Sun star ensures that you will always find help easily when needed.

horseforecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Horse, you are blessed with a host of fortunate stars that will bring relief when you are in danger and troubled.

If you have been working hard in the previous year, you will see success in achieving your goals and accomplishments. Stay focused on your personal development and career achievements.

This is the year for you to excel.

However, check that all your documents are in place to avoid summons and legal issues from the tax department.

Avoid disputes that could lead to physical abuse.

goat forecast year of the dragon


The Heavenly Noblemen star will help mitigate any inauspicious events for those born in the year of the Goat.

Be extremely kind to all your female friends, they are your Yin Nobleman this year. You will enjoy help and support for your career and business opportunities.

Look out for gaps that you could fill within your market and turn them into business opportunities.

Pay extra attention to your mental and emotional health.

monkeyforecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Monkey should expect changes that will shift you out of your comfort zone. Watch out for disputes and betrayals that can result in legal issues.

However, the auspicious star in your palace will give you support with strong backup when needed.

Stay alert to the issues around you to avoid disruptions.

Spending time alone will help you to quieten the monkey mind and result in greater insights.

roosterforecast year of the dragon


The Rooster and Dragon are known to be best pals. The Rooster has a host of auspicious stars keeping you in good shape and fortune.

Ladies should avoid pregnancy this year as it threatens miscarriage.

Those seeking romance and marriage, this will be a year of networking opportunities. While you pursue your fame and glory, do seize the moment when love knocks on your door.

Financially, you will be rewarded as long as you stay disciplined. While you enjoy the pursuits of success in your career and love life, do pay attention to your family members’ health and well-being.

dog forecast year of the dragon


Those born in the year of the Dog, you are in conflict with the Grand Duke. Basically, the forces are  against you.

The host of negative stars invites gossip and betrayals. Avoid being in the limelight and lie low and stay humble.

Most disputes can be avoided if you are mindful with your speech and decisions. Set your boundaries on monetary gains from high-risk investments. Watch out for scams.

Your efforts and contributions will enjoy recognition and acknowledgement by those in authority.

pig forecast


Those born in the year of the Pig, you are surrounded by a host of auspicious stars. This is the year you will reap rewards from your past deeds.

For those who desire to further your studies, you have the academic star supporting you for learning capacity.

As the romance star is shining at you, you are likely to become popular. Married persons, do watch out for distractions that will bring conflicts at home.

Stay focused on your career and you will find yourself being rewarded handsomely this year.

Avoid attending funerals or visiting the sick in the hospital as much as possible.

Helen Ong is a Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner at Senses.Live Pte Ltd.

The views expressed in this article are those of the writer.

For more information or clarification, contact Helen Ong via her website

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