Helsinki — Art At The Heart Of The City

FINLAND may be known for its natural beauty, but its latest attraction is man-made.

Amos Rex is its €50 million art museum in the heart of the capital, Helsinki. Unlike many museums and galleries that adopt a parochial and protective mindset by keeping strictly to specific periods of creativity, Amos Rex is gunning for the gamut.

From ancient colours through Modernism and on to contemporary, experimental art, the exhibition programmes are meant to present experiences and open minds, eyes and ears to the rich cultures seen around the world.

Amos Rex Helsinki

The refurbished Amos Rex Art Museum © Tuomas Uusheimo

World-Class Art

“The refurbishment of the 1930’s landmark Lasipalatsi building, together with the new museum extension are remarkable additions to our urban culture,” enthused Jan Vapaavouri, Helsinki’s Mayor.

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The five-year project has resulted in a facility that brings world-class culture, arts and education opportunities that “allows us to grow our minds beyond the confines of everyday experience, giving our citizens a global outlook, educating and entertaining in equal measure,” he added.

To create the 2,200 sqm flexible gallery space in the city’s cultural quarter, architects JKMM dug up some 13,000 cubic metres of rock and filled the space with domes and skylights.

Vortex of Light Particles, teamLab, Amos Rex Helsinki
The highlight of the Massless exhibition is the Vortex of Light Particles by teamLab, 2018, Digital Installation, Continuous Loop. ©teamLab

Amos Rex’s opening exhibition is Massless, an outstanding work by teamLab. The Tokyo-based art collective is familiar to Singapore audiences for their phenomenal computer-generated digital artworks.

“Our work Vortex of Light Particles, which we are creating especially for this occasion, will be the largest installation in the exhibition. We will create a digital simulation of water pouring upward in reversed gravity towards the uniquely and beautifully domed ceiling, flowing from this underground space to the skylight above,” explained Toshiyuki Inoko, teamLab’s founder.

Main image: ©JKMM Amos Rex Mika Huisman

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