The Uncertainty Of The Middleman


A HOMEGROWN business that built up its value during Singapore’s formative years is facing new challenges in an uncertain world.

Goldbell Group is not taking the success of its distribution business for granted.

“If ComfortDelGro can be disrupted, so can our business,” explains Arthur Chua, the Group’s chief executive.

Arthur Chua, Goldbell Group

His father, who grew the family business, pulled Arthur aside and cautioned him to be mindful of expanding within the group’s capabilities.

The Next Phase

Goldbell is raising funds for a new mobility business that is taking into consideration the future business model built around a car-lite society.

The role of the middleman has always to be managed. Too much success could result in the principal taking too much interest in the market. Poor business could see the product taken away.

As barriers to a smooth operation are worn down over time, the threat to the middleman is often its own existence.


Arthur was one of the panelists at the inaugural the Nth revolutioN, part of STORM magazine’s Keep It Going series. The topic of discussion was The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Future.

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Goldbell Group


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