Focused On The Future

WHEN it comes to new concepts, Audi isn’t a brand that leaps to mind. But when it does get into the race, the German brand focuses its efforts on delivering what the market needs.

Audi chairman Bram Schot has announced the brand will be focusing on electric cars, which could mean that certain model lines may not be continued. The fun and sporty TT will soon end production.

Audi’s customers expect cars that are fun to drive, are safe and have the highest quality, explains Lee Nian Tjoe, Audi Singapore’s senior manager for public relations.

Lee Nian Tjoe

While that is the base expectation, Audi is constantly looking for ways to up the game. And with a generation that is growing more attached to their mobile devices than anything else, that’s a good point to connect with potential and existing customers.

The myAudi app allows the brand to connect with a younger audience and build a relationship with the German brand’s products and services.

This concept of sharing has already taken to the road in Singapore. Audi on demand is a premium mobility service which lets the customer book an Audi for four hours to 28 days. And, if need be, the car can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

“We have reached new customers who have become fans of the brand, as well as enhanced our relationship with existing owners who have access to other Audi models to suit their needs,” Lee adds.

Plugging Into Future Needs

With autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles being prepared for the drive into future mobility, Audi is launching its e-tron model in Asia later this year. This is the brand’s first all-electric SUV and aims to make the transition from fossil fuel to electricity with minimal disruption.

Audi didn’t want its customers to make do with compromises on limited range, battery capacity or long charging times.

The e-tron has a range of 400km and is developed for high-speed charging, at up to 150kW.

The subject of autonomous vehicles is more complex, Lee adds. The conditions for the use of these vehicles is being reviewed and revised accordingly, worldwide. The Audi A8, which debuted here in 2018, is the brand’s first production car developed specifically for conditional automated driving at Level 3.

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