A LEAF Into The Future

NISSAN is optimistic about the future of electric vehicles in Singapore.

A Frost & Sullivan study conducted for the company in 2018 showed that despite the poor take up of EVs in the region, a third of the market is open to going electric with their next purchase.

In Singapore, this number is slightly lower, with 23% intending to purchase an EV as their next car.

While EVs are viewed very positively for their sustainability and clean operation, there are still concerns about the safety of the car, the charging infrastructure and the cost of operation.

To sweeten the deal, potential owners are looking for tax waivers, charging stations in apartments, use of priority lanes and discounts on tolls and parking.

Nissan’s LEAF has been helping to carry the flag for the Japanese car maker, and has been on sale in the region.

“The car industry in Singapore will continue to enjoy sustained interest since cars are viewed as a convenience and a status symbol,” says Ron Lim, who heads sales and marketing for distributor Tan Chong Motor Sales.

With more transportation options becoming available — including EVs, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and ride-hailing entities —  the terrain is becoming more challenging and competitive, with brands slugging it out for a shrinking slice of the pie.

Keeping abreast with changes in technology and customer preferences will be key for brands to stay relevant and viable.

“Electrification is also a top priority for Nissan, and we have pledged to offer a fully-electrified fleet of vehicles in Singapore by 2022,” Lim adds.

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