The Cat’s Out Of The Bag This National Day

azimuth Garfielda

THE Back-In-Time movement can’t move time backwards, but it can certainly make reading time more interesting.

Azimuth Watch debuted this movement in 2009, and created a commemorative watch to celebrate Singapore’s 45th birthday the following year. As the time is read in an anti-clockwise manner, the 4 and 5 lined up neatly to present “45” as the highlight feature.

And 11 years on, it’s time to go back to the drawing board, with a fencing cat in tow.

azimuth Garfielda

Garfield points the way with his fencing skills, not something the lazy feline is known for. So, it’s good to imagine new pursuits to take on as Singapore celebrates its 56th birthday, a pressing journey through good and challenging times.

“Hopefully this pandemic can help us to rethink the way we want to live our lives,” reckons Christopher Long, founder and designer of Azimuth Watches.

“Garfield’s approach is instructive and Azimuth’s Back-In-Time watch is perhaps the ideal machine to reflect on your past for inspiration to guide you in future.”

Limited to just 56 numbered pieces, the 42mm stainless steel watches are priced at $3,200.

For more information, email Christopher Long at 

azimuth Garfielda


Movement: SW220 with in-house modified automatic winding 

Functions: Automatic with anticlockwise time function 

Case: 316L stainless steel, diameter 42mm, water resistant 3ATM 

Band: 22mm calf strap with folding clasp 

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