Future Mobility — Easier To Fly To The Moon

WHILE there is a lot of talk about autonomous cars, we shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, or in this case man on the Moon.

While a self-driving car might exist and few could run in a test environment, it will take a lot longer for it to become part of society. The variety of policies and legislation, and the amount of infrastructure required will make this a long road to traverse.

Meanwhile, BMW has taken the initiative to push ahead with its various programmes to anticipate future mobility solutions. Dr Maik Böres, Head of Future Mobility at BMW explains the various steps involved in getting to the end game.

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It’s a long road and the first steps have been taken. But if you think it’s anywhere as complex as getting to the Moon, you’re mistaken.

It’s much more complicated.

Dr Böres explains in this video.

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