A Sleeper Hit For Bose

IS THE noise of the city too much to bear at night? Or are the thundering snores of your partner keeping you awake?

Sleep deprivation is becoming an increasing problem in noisy cities so Bose went to work on developing a solution when their employees and customers continued asking for a solution to this problem.

Prototypes of the sleepbuds were introduced on Indiegogo in late 2017 and sold out in six days. Feedback was positive and might prove a sleeper hit for customers and Bose.

In Your Ears

Bose introduces its tiny, wireless ear buds that mask noise and helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Bose sleepbuds are its smallest product and comes with bose-budssleep tracks that mirror the frequencies of snoring, neighbours, dogs, traffic, and more — hiding them beneath a layer of relaxing audio.

For comfort in your ear, each bud weighs 1.4gms and measures 1cm in diameter. A laser-etched antenna connects to an iPhone or Android phone or tablet. Loaded onboard are 10 noise-masking sound files — gentle waves instead of a noisy partner, rustling leaves instead of the party next-door, smooth-turning wind turbines instead of busy city streets.

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The noise-isolating StayHear+ Sleep tips are available in three sizes and help to keep unwanted sounds out, and, as importantly, stay in your ear regardless of your sleep position.

Finished in high-gloss white, it retails for $379 from today.

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