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WED WEB CHAT breast cancer

IN 2019, Singapore spent $375 million on cancer treatment drugs, and experts reckon at this rate, the cost will exceed $2 billion by 2030.

Cancer is expensive to manage.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in Singapore women. In 2020, it accounted for 32% of all new cancer cases. 

Most women who have breast cancer will not be able to pinpoint an exact cause.

Breast cancer affects women and a minority of men.

This week’s WED WEB CHAT — Breast Cancer: Beyond Survival features panellists who will share their breast cancer experiences. 

wwc031121 breast cancer

Amelia Tan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, at the age of 28. Irene Kang, an ex-banker, was diagnosed in 2012 and had to leave her job. Both are survivors.

Marie Wee  lost a colleague to breast cancer, which spurred her to raise awareness and understanding of the disease.

Dr Steven Tucker founded Tucker Medical, a Singapore-based multidisciplinary medical centre, in 2011. Dr. Tucker’s sub-specialty focus is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

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