Brown Rice Dumpling — Whip It UP!

Brown Rice Dumpling
with Trio of Mushrooms and Black Summer Truffle Paste

By Masterchef Lap Fai, Executive Chef, Hua Ting Restaurant

Cooking time: 4 hours
Difficulty: 2/5
Cost: <$25


2 lotus leaves
3 bamboo leaves
2 pieces reed string

30g brown rice
50g glutinous rice
50g Chinese mushroom
50g oyster mushroom
50g straw mushroom
50g button mushroom
500g Chinese black mushroom

½ teaspoon chicken stock powder
Black Truffle paste, to taste
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste


1. Soak A (lotus leaves, bamboo leaves, and reed strings) in water until softened and set aside.

2. Soak B (brown rice, glutinous rice, and mushrooms) in water for two hours and set aside.

3. Steam the mushrooms for an hour, season to taste and set aside.

4. To wrap, take the bamboo leaf and layer it over the lotus leaf.

5. Start with a layer of glutinous rice and top with other ingredients from B (brown rice, Chinese mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, straw mushrooms, button mushrooms, Chinese black mushrooms) in the middle of the rice.

6. Fold the bamboo leaf and lotus leaf to wrap over the rice filling before tying the dumpling with reed string.

7. Place the wrapped dumplings in a large pot with water and cook for 2½ hours.

8. Once done, soak for an additional 1 hour, remove from water and serve.

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