Business Nips And Tucks

Dr Yanni Xu



“AS a small business owner, 2023 was a relatively challenging year. Every vendor has raised the price of their goods, it’s more expensive to hire S pass holders now and rental challenges are also present.

To add to the above, opening of borders means patients can get services done in regional countries like Thailand and South Korea.

We had to critically analyse how we were spending, and cut costs where possible.

These cuts cannot affect the quality of our services to patients and benefits to staff. 

Effecting Improvements

After the confusion that was covid, we needed to review employee benefits and policies to ensure that we are a good company for them to work for. So, a lot of work was done with different stakeholders to improve the working environment. 

In 2023, we managed to onboard a fifth doctor, ambulatory surgical centre and hair transplant services. Our success continues to heavily depend on the support of our existing patients; so marketing got more streamlined to focus on our existing customers to keep them interested and informed.

Dr Yanni Xu, The Urban Clinic
The Urban Clinic will invest heavily in TUC 2.0 it’s next phase of development.

As such, I have set the next three years as a time of consolidation for The Urban Clinic (TUC). Our project will be called TUC 2.0 and this version will create a TUC that is even better technologically and experientially for our loyal patients. 

In TUC 2.0, we will invest heavily in advanced medical lasers to be ahead of the competition. A lot of work processes will be streamlined by computer systems to ensure that the current workforce can deal with a continuous growth of business. 

Data is important but human relationships is still more important.

Many events will be developed for our existing patients, to create a unique experience for them. Much effort will be put into projects that we have started in 2023 so as to continue to build the awareness of our surgical and hair transplant centre.

There is a pivotal change in the way we run the business. 

I hope my intention to create something wonderful for my team and my patients will generate enough momentum for the business to continue growing in the coming years.


STORM-ASIA talks with decision makers from different industries to get a sense of how they have taken the goings-on of 2023 in their stride and what will continue into 2024. What is there to look forward to?

From telcos to automotive, governance to healthcare and media and advertising, the opinions are considered while the expectations for 2024 are different.

Their opinions will be featured in this final week of 2023 and will hopefully present you with some ideas about how to plan the year ahead. Read Awaiting 2024 With Trepidation to see the list of interviews.

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