Charger Award — Heavenly Kings Of The Stock Market


THE HEAVENLY kings of the stock market seem to be able to do no wrong.

They move mountains and part the seas as they find opportunity and profit in places where most other investors might not have thought to look.

At the Charger Award ( commentator Clemen Chiang, founder of the app Spiking, showed how it tracked the investment patterns of the biggest investors in the stock market and identified who these “heavenly kings” are.

Chiang calls them the Popiah King, The Prophet, and The Local Hero.

Who are they? And what makes them titans in the stock market?

Watch the full highlights from the inaugural Charger Award organised by STORM.SG to find out.

Chiang suggests, that by studying their investment behaviour, we can get valuable insight into the movement in the stock market how to profit off it. Understanding the thought processes behind the investment decisions of these sophisticated investors can unlock success for everyone.


NOTE: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in the companies. You are advised to do your own due diligence.

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The inaugural Charger Awards commended 30 listed companies from the SGX that have excited investors in the past six months. See the full list HERE.

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