A Conscientious Cuppa

YOU shouldn’t start your morning with your conscience being tortured by a combination of guilt and caffeine.

That cuppa has to be clear so that it clears your head and ready to face the day.

With exploitation on the rise, it’s hard to accept that the simple pleasures in life are at the expense of many forced into hard labour just to turn a handsome profit for someone else.

UK Fairtrade hot drinks company Cafedirect delivers a conscience clear cuppa.

cafedirectIts 100% organic blend of natural, washed coffee beans is formulated by its own Q-graders, delivering a full-bodied taste.

Each pack contains the Peruvian Arabica blended with the Ugandan Robusta. It’s all pesticide free and employs sustainable methods.

Cafedirect partners with over 282,000 smallholder growers in 50 organisations across 14 developing countries, and impacts the lives of 1.8 million people.

Over the last five years, Cafedirect has invested over US$5.4 million in programmes to strengthen growers’ businesses.

So, wake up, smell the coffee and drink up.

Available at Cold Storage, FairPrice and Redmart. $10.45 per pack of 227gm.

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