Be Aware – Caviar Emptor!

Mulan, Social Dilemma

LIU Yifeis Mulan reeks of oysters so raw its heartening to watch an actress keep it real. I connected with how she shed her male armour to reveal her inner self.

How many of us can muster sufficient bravery to empty so deep into purification? I then watched spiritual author Eckhart Tolle who soothed me with a peek into the mystery of consciousness. “You are what you’re looking for.”

On the other end of the spectrum we have the age of uniformity across activists. Greta Thundberg, Black Lives Matter, flat-earthers: Yeah the list strutting the red carpet of common man demonstrations is glaring.

I am neutral on activism though I can relate to the crux deserving adequate response.

Where do I stand in this pool of extremes? I find myself gravitating towards Jeff Orlowski’s The Social Dilemma to comprehend “the dilemma”.

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I watched the docudrama on my day off paired with generous dollops of Antonius Caviar on wheat crackers. I dont activate my limbs when Im switched off hence the Dream Food Team kindly delivered Russian and Siberian Caviar to my home.


Why Polands Antonius Caviar? Its nutritious and good for my skin. Also, my expensive stomach has a penchant for sturgeon mindfully bred in perfect thermal conditions. Oscietra Caviar has a slight nutty note whilst the Acipenser baerii has quality flavour that it packs a punch.

Potato chips, meh.

Caviar first. Davidoff cigar after.

’Cos…old soul…dig?

Wed Web Chat


Rewind. I slept early at 8.30pm on a Sunday night and was up by 4.30am.

Freshened up. I fed my face with La Prairies Skin Caviar Liquid Lift serum. I used the replica for an optimal healthy finish. Besides the Caviar Liquid Lift is infused with AHA to speed up anti-aging. Smells like natural nectar and its instantly absorbed into my skin.

Lifted I am vis-à-vis JLos derrière. This unisex gem makes me look so good Born This Way dude. Yup. Im a lazy-bum hedonist on my day off out of a need to escape from social media and to contemplate.

Jeff Orlowski, dawg. Omit the word Social you mean? I get you. Whats left is The Dilemma which is the musing on self-awareness.

Historically, activism has its roots from the staging of the Paris Commune in 1871. I felt like Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Intensely traumatised by images of worldly fisticuff aka ISIS followers online. Heavy.

Cue The Social Dilemma’s Tristan Harris: “It feels like the world is going crazy.”


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Slumber da beast. I dreamt of a faceless being mouthing Peace Outto me. I woke up nonchalant and discovered how beautiful that the centre doesnt hold.

True that; I adore Antonius Caviar and La Prairie. Lux fair, dont care. They are a part of my centre, whats more their down-to-earth swag.

Thus, stillness comes way before a ripeness for profundity and clarity in the meeting of minds. Hang on. Now I cant find where I put my glasses.


Comme ci, comme ca.

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