Chicken & Eggplant Kasaundi Pizza — Whip It UP!

Chicken & Eggplant Kasaundi Pizza

By Wendy Foo, Owner and Co-founder, Ryan’s Grocery

This is a convenient and easy-to-make pizza recipe that is not only great for a quick healthy meal or snack fix, but also an excellent way to get the children involved. This pizza is also gluten-free and nut-free.


1 Red Onion
2 Organic Boneless Chicken Thigh
Salt & pepper to Taste
Olive Oil as required
½ cup Crumbled Feta Cheese (soft marinated)

1 Tbsp Latasha’s Kitchen Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney
1 Silly Yaks 9″ Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza base

4 Brown Mushrooms (sliced)
3 Large Asparagus Stems (diced)
1 Large Red Chilli (sliced)


1. Preheat oven to 180°C.

2. Spread 1 heaped tablespoon of Latasha’s Kitchen Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney over the Silly Yaks Gluten-Free pizza base. Set it aside.

3. Julienne 1 red onion and caramelize in a pan. When the onion is soft and brown, remove from the heat and set it aside.

4. Sprinkle salt and pepper to both sides of chicken thighs and pan-grill them skin side down first, for approximately 5 minutes per side. When cooked through, leave them to cool. When cooled, roughly chop the chicken meat.

5. Arrange the caramelized onion, chicken and sliced brown mushrooms on the pizza base. Add some diced asparagus stems and sliced red chillies. Then give the pizza a nice drizzle of olive oil over the top.

6. Place the pizza on a tray and bake it for 15-20 minutes.

7. Crumble a few pieces of soft marinated feta cheese all over the top of the pizza before serving.

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