In Safe Hands



I asked Mom who has been staying home together with me even before the Heightened Alert Phase in Singapore was announced last Friday. With the amount of B1617 COVID-19 Variant community cases on the rise, we have been cooped up to stay safe.

With nothing much to do, I looked online for things that can be brought to us instead of going to them. I chanced upon The Outcall Spa, which has very positive reviews. A quick WhatsApp message exchange with the customer service manager, led to an in-house massage appointment for two at 8pm on a Tuesday night.

Our two therapists were masked up and I scanned to check in to The Outcall Spa on the TraceTogether app. Yuki and Xiaohui arrived 10 minutes early with gentle courtesy and neighbourly vibes. They set up the massage beds swiftly, laid out the towels and switched on soft tinkling spa music in the background.

We started promptly. 

After choosing the lavender oil as my preferred aroma for The Outcall Spa (TOS) Signature Massage, the lights were dimmed and I drifted off to a well deserved pampering. I was impressed with Yuki’s knowing touch in which she administered the combination of Swedish strokes and deep tissue unknotting on my entire back. 

She had asked me earlier which part of my body required more treatment and I mentioned that my neck area was rather stiff. With her firm fingers, she pressed deeply with sure strokes that gave me much relief.

She moved on to my shoulders and using her strong elbow, I could feel my knots loosening up.


A Knowing Touch

As she moved further down to my lower spine, where I still carry a slight injury, it was as if she knew intuitively that she needed to spend more time on it without me breathing a word to her. 

What a mind reader, and very much experienced in transforming pain into wellness.

When she was giving my legs a rub down, she flexed my knee and worked on the side of my thighs; I hadn’t a clue that I had actually needed attention on a part of my body much neglected in the past. 

After my massage, I asked Mom about her tui na treatment with Xiaohui and she nodded with a thumbs up. Her therapist chose the peppermint oil for its anti-inflammatory properties as Mom had a severe ache on her neck and right leg. This traditional Chinese massage worked for Mom as it targeted body aches that require the flow of “qi” for balance and harmony.

Mom reminded me to ask for Xiaohui again for her next massage at home. What a happy bird in the nest.

It didn’t take long for us to have heavy eyelids signalling two relaxed selves in need of a mattress.

I slept like a baby and, as for Mom, she woke up the next morning refreshed and her headache was gone.

Utopia by hand, feels so right. 

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