Designed For Style And Comfort

IN their intricately designed scarves and kimonos and bright smiles, Jasline Ang and Melissa Tan stand out even in a crowded place.

Even at a recent watch fair, dominated by men in pursuit of time, the two co-founders of Studio Qiling attracted a steady stream of visitors curious to find out what their presence meant.

Their booth doesn’t have any displays of watches in metal encrusted in precious stones, but instead, featured quite the opposite: Delicate fabrics, scarves and kimonos. But like the watches, they were handcrafted and limited.

And they did have a special piece commissioned by the Singapore Watch Fair.

Melissa and Jasline are happy to talk about their collaborative enterprise to make unique fabrics that are in turn made into scarves and kimonos.

The odds are usually stacked against small, local enterprises, especially if they don’t have a tech offering that can be scaled.

Studio Qiling’s offerings are pretty tied up with the capabilities of Jasline, who puts brush to fabric or whatever materials are in use to create special, unique items, whether they are part of a German car or a personalised item for a fasion luxury brand.

The co-founders talk to STORM-ASIA about their dreams and aspirations to produce stylish fashion products.

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