Forbidden Desires Within Easy Reach

IF YOU are in the mood for durian but can’t find a way to get your hands on the spiky fruit, relief comes in a well-packaged box.

Forbidden is a durian wafer that’s rolled into a cigar shape — like a Chinese love letter — and individually sealed for freshness to keep the aroma of durian away from sensitive noses.

Dark Desires

Made by the folks from SunnyHills in Taiwan, who are known for their pineapple ingots,  Forbidden is a result of a collaboration with a plantation in Pahang, Malaysia, which  wanted to create something special rather than flood the market with more D24 durians.

Forbidden by SunnyHills

The fruit is sent to Taiwan where it is rolled into a Japanese langue de chat cookie. Similar to the Chinese love letters you see around the lunar new year, Forbidden is firmer, less crispy but certainly more aromatic.

Since the fruit has its fans and foes, and is the enemy of most public spaces, the packaging for Forbidden reflects the darker side of desserts. The deep green cigar box has an inlay drawn in the old botanical drawing style, with the rolled wafers individually sealed.

The durian fragrance is fleeting, though the taste and after effects can still be felt.

One D24 is used in two boxes of Forbidden, so there’s enough potency in the delicate wafers to keep the enthuisast interested.

The allure of course is that now forbidden fruit may be a bit more accessible when the desire arises.

Forbidden is available at SunnyHills outlets and online, and each box is priced at $29.

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