To What Degree Will Your Degree Help You Land A Job?

wwc 030321ARMED with your hard-learned and freshly minted degree, you step forth, eager to show the world what you’re capable of.

The right paper from the right institute will get you places, you’ve been told.

With those words of encouragement you step out…

into a world that is so different to the one you were in when you started your degree course.

A pandemic has ravaged the globe and after a year, continues to do so.

A vaccine is available, but how long will it take to calm things down so that the process of returning to some level of normalcy can begin?

You hear of your parents’ friends losing their jobs, or forced to take a pay cut and still face an uncertain future. Many are forced to join the gig community. You don’t know what your parents aren’t telling you about their circumstances.

Once thriving industries like conventions and travel have been stopped dead in their tracks. Tourism and travel are just distant memories.

Technology, long considered the saviour of a burgeoning planet, has had its ups and downs. It is helping find a fix for the pandemic, but it continues to take over jobs because they are often more reliable than a human workforce when it comes to repetitive and dangerous jobs.

You look at your peers who are chasing the same dream. Great for employers — so many trying for the few positions. Choice pickings.

And if you’ve done your internship at the right places you’ll have a leg up on the others.

And if you haven’t, you’ll have to prove yourself even more.

What is the X-factor that will get you noticed? What can you amplify about yourself that could turn into valuable coin your prospective employer can take a shine to?

This week’s WED WEB CHAT serves up advice from the teachers for fresh and soon-to-be graduates. Where are the opportunities? What are the careers in demand? Where might you be running down a blind alley?

Dr Ben Choi and Steve Golden bring their careers in technology and arts education to the table, but as well years of talking to industry practitioners who have helped develop a relevant curriculum.

Here’s your chance to find out more about solutions for your future and how to be relevant in these difficult times.

Join the WED WEB CHAT — Job Hunting: Advice From The Teachers on 3 March 2021 at 12:45pm by registering via this link:

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