Why Are We Losing Our Memories?

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THE expressions on the faces above say it all.

In the journey back to the days of our youth, before the time of Internet and social media, we were able to communicate directly, face-to-face, and had loads of fun.

That fun spilled over into our web chat — Life Before The Internet and Social Media — which brought together a lively group of panellists who had wonderful and memorable anecdotes to share.

Lawyer Adrian Tan’s The Teenage Textbook, which he wrote when he was 20 and which is still selling well, has been made into a new TV series which airs on Channel 5 tonight.

KF Seetoh photographer and founder of Makansutra, is never short on comments that are side-splitting as they are thought provoking.

Patricia Chew, lawyer and author of the Tony Tapir series of children’s books, continues her crusade to save the Peranakan culture.

Shirley Tan a former sports journalist turned literacy skills coach, acted with the Ip Man, Donnie Yen.

Stephen Krempl, CEO of Krempl Communications, is an author and corporate man who helms his own leadership training business.

Charlene Kang, the Executive director of Vault@268 grew up from the safety of a large family home, but still kept tabs on what was shaping the world. 

The Importance Of Talking Cock

One of the lost arts from the ’70s and ’80s is the ability to shoot the breeze. Talking cock requires skill, as KF Seetoh explains. Some are naturally gifted, others learn it, and many shy away from it.

Today’s equivalent would probably be texting cock, but that could mean something else and  inflame some sectors of society. You never can tell what’s going to rub some folks the wrong way….

Making Movies

There were opportunities aplenty if you knew the right people. For Shirley Tan, her big break came (even if she didn’t want it) via an open call for beefy talent for the movie Mismatched Couples.

Shirley flew her muscular frame to Hong Kong to try out for the role and cover that attempt for The Straits Times. She proved to be more talented than she reckoned on and got a larger role, with Donnie Yen (aka Ip Man).

The Voice Of Authority

We have had some strange rules in our past. Men not allowed to have long hair and the banning of bubblegum may have received global notoriety, but there were a few others that could have joined that list of curious calls.

Adrian Tan recalls how a school tour of the Internal Security Department by his classmates unearthed some activities that almost wound up on the prohibited list.

Hawking Culture

And what would Singapore be without food? And its hawkers?

Seetoh’s pet topic has been in the news of late, as the pandemic alters the eco-system, forcing more people into the food business, and elevating the degree of recognition for hawkers. Hopefully, as a result, their food will taste much better.

Losing Our Memories

As the Baby Boomer generation gets older, many are losing their positions of power in society. They are also losing their memories. And some physical memories are being erased in the name of urbanisation.

Seetoh laments the loss of landmarks to a continuing practice of demolition, that could otherwise bridge generations via shared experiences. As old memories are swept away by change, these vital links are rapidly vanishing.

Lost Legends
Among the legends we have lost, two came to mind during the discussion.

Siva Choy and Victor Khoo carried the entertainment flag for Singapore with passion and humour. Siva’s Why U So Like Dat? still appeals to a broad audience, and Victor will be remembered for his pupets and a certain radio show.

There is much more to be enjoyed in the discussion. You can watch the whole web chat Life Before The Internet And Social Media below.

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