The Art Of Going Solo

THE IMPORTANCE of a change of scenery cannot be emphasised enough in firing up one’s sense of purpose.

Following from his return sojourn at DOMVS at Sheraton Towers, chef Gabriel Fratini decided to ditch the formality of the hotel and take his food to the streets.

Amoy Street is perhaps a good place to debut his new restaurant, Solo. The neighbourhood is eclectic in terms of the kinds of businesses on offer, and being in the central business district means there’s footfall in abundance. At least in the day.

Gabriel Fratini Solo Grilled prawn with pear sauce
Grilled prawn with pear sauce.

Solo offers a cosy setting in a shophouse that is along a street in a constant state of renovation and reconstruction. Congested during lunch and at dinner, one of the challenges of having a restaurant here is the difficulty in securing parking.

If you don’t mind the walk, stick the wheels in the MND car park and take the Amoy Street exit, and you’re about 100 metres from Solo.

Gabriel Fratini Solo pineapple pasta, crayfish, cherry tomato sauce
Pineapple pasta served with crayfish and cherry tomato sauce.

Fratini has decided to bring the kitchen to the front of the restaurant. And there’s a counter with around half-a-dozen seats for those who like to see what the slim, marathon-running Italian chef is up to.

Fratini’s Artistic Flair

Invariably, he’ll strike up a conversation as he’s stirring a sauce or plating the dishes with the artistic flair that’s also evident in the paintings on the wall. Fratini has been painting them for years and it makes decorating the restaurant easier.

The well-travelled chef whose family keeps him anchored in Singapore continues to present fresh produce that he picks up on his scooter daily.

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It ensures the diners are treated to the freshest produce, which is complemented by a range of pasta that he is importing and selling in the restaurant and a wide selection of wines.

Fratini in his trademark black ensemble is on hand to prepare the dishes.

When the 40-seater restaurant is at full throttle, the ambience lifts in the three separate dining areas as guests dine on Fratini’s “traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist”.

Regular Customers

He says that with a wry smile, since many of his customers are regulars who appreciate the fact that the standards will be served along with some new creations.

Fratini’s parrot fish topped with foie gras, squid stuffed with sea bass and prawns, are brought to a tasty end with his signature tiramisu; always the perfect pick-me-up for the next phase of the patron’s day or evening.


With the new range of pasta, infused with flavours ranging from lemon to chilli and tomato, Fratini is able to pair them more adventurously.

Solo is open for lunch on weekdays and serves dinner six nights a week. It is closed on Sundays. The set lunch menu is priced at $38, while dinner is served up at $98.

Solo is located at 45 Amoy Street Singapore 069871 T: +65 9610 1861


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