Getting Your Dream Home


WHY do couples buy separate homes instead of a matrimonial home?

Why is Singapore property always in demand?

Do cooling measures keep prices affordable?

The property market is always a hot topic for discussion in land-starved Singapore.

The hunt for a roof over your head — whether it’s fully paid for or mortgaged — has been a perpetual preoccupation for generations of Singaporeans.

Sometimes just getting that house, even if it is not ideal for your needs, is enough to calm people down. So determined are they to nail down their shingle someplace.

But with a property market that seems to continuously be on the rise, what are some of the tips and pits you should keep a lookout for?

The WED WEB CHAT — How To Get Your Dream Home features Janet Ow, a real estate strategist with PropNex Realty, and Helen Ong, the founder of Senses.Live who combines interior design, Feng Shui and BioGeometry.

The two bring their own perspectives on the topic to the discussion.

From the different approaches to spending by the younger generation, to cooling measures and finding the “peach blossom” in your home, the advice is rich in experiences.

The full WED WEB CHAT — How To Get Your Dream Home can be viewed at the foot of the article.

Here are some highlights of the chat.

The Pandemic Property Shift

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to evaluate their living conditions. With the easing of restrictions, more people have been buying larger homes to work from, just in case another lockdown takes place.

Are You Fit For Your House? 

One man’s haven could be another man’s prison. Not every house is perfect for just anyone. But Helen Ong says Feng Shui and BioGeometry can help to change the flow of energy to the occupant’s advantage.

Property Tips For A Microwave World

Helen Ong and Janet Ow share their tips when it comes to looking for property.

From controlling your emotions and finding the right reasons for putting down your money, to decluttering and taking in the neighbourhood, the advice offered seems logical, especially since our living spaces are like microwave ovens.

Peach Blossom Season

After looking after the estate of her late husband, one of Helen Ong’s clients wanted to discover the “Peach Blossom” space in her house.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — How To Get Your Dream Home below.

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