Where Are The Jobs?

BUSINESSES folding. Jobs lost. Uncertainty hangs in the air, along with the coronavirus.

These are tough times, and threatening to get tougher.

It’s a double whammy.

So many jobs were already becoming redundant before the onset of COVID-19.

Technology has been replacing people, initially in the mundane, rote, dangerous vocations, which meant that group of workers was displaced and given the grand advice to upgrade themselves.

Other industries — finance, law, medicine — are also being threatened to be overrun by the digital wave.

Virtually any industry could succumb to the allure of artificial intelligence.

While this means business owners will have less HR issues to contend with, it raises the issue of what will become of those asked to leave.

The strain of COVID-19 on businesses was felt immediately. Restaurants and clubs have suffered major setbacks, with many shuttering. Bigger businesses are hedging their positions in the event things go further south. Companies are hiring in case their staff catch the virus and are unable to work. Others are wondering how the gears of their industry will shift and will they still be relevant.

As people work from home, many are wondering if they will have a job to go back to.

Where are tomorrow’s jobs going to be created? What will happen to today’s jobs? What will this mean to today’s employees in an uncertain tomorrow?

WED WEB CHAT brings together a veteran of the executive search industry, Richard Hoon of I Search Worldwide, educator Jason Chiam, a senior lecturer at SUSS, and Symphony Chu, a final-year marketing student who will soon be joining the workforce.

What are their thoughts on the job market? What should those in the midst of changing jobs, or those about to enter the job market, be prepared for?

Join the WED WEB CHAT discussion on Wednesday, 22 July from 12:45-1:30pm.

Use this link to register for the session: https://zurl.co/6k9q

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