Is What You’re Doing Today Good For Tomorrow?


AS WE get back to life, school, work and a routine of sorts, we should be aware that all is not as it seems.

Work goes on, but quietly in the background, there could be artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in play, slowly sneaking up on your job. Are you prepared to handle the situation?

In school, as you gobble down facts and figures in preparation for defining examinations, are you being prepared for the kind of thinking required to disrupt the norm and to react in the event you are disrupted?

What industries will still be around in a decade hence? What is your best strategy in terms of preparing yourself for the future, landing the right job, finding your place in the world.

jobs 20xx survey

JOBS20XX – Work In Progress brings some solutions and certainly lots of ideas to the equation.

This new regional series of discussions is aimed at bringing industry practitioners and thought leaders to talk about the challenges and the opportunities.

The inaugural session takes place on January 21.

Panellists and speakers include an eclectic mix who hail from industries far and wide. From eduation to logistics, 3D printing to property, food and beverage to technology, training methods to maritime, and more, there will be a lot to discuss.

Among the panellists are Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organisation, poet and educationist Prof Kirpal Singh of TVI, Arthur Chua of Goldbell, Dr Sanjay Kuttan of the Singapore Maritime Institute, Helen Ong of Senses.Live, and more.

The discussion heads into Malaysia and beyond, and where relevant, we will also have discussions with key speakers as they become available.

jobs 20xx survey

The Survey

We want to understand what the next generation want by way of careers and opportunities. What are their aspirations and goals? What are their fears and challenges?

We have developed a survey that tries to get a better understanding of the next generation that will be entering work or building new and amazing things.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 30, please participate in the survey. It may be a bit long, but we are sure the findings will be helpful to everyone.

Also, some lucky participants will get tickets to JOBS20XX – Work In Progress on January 21. So, do leave your email address for us to get back to you!

Watch out for updates and interviews. The jobs20xx site will be online soon.

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