Are You A Disruptor Or A Dinosaur?

IN TIMES of change and uncertainty, you could become a disruptor, or be disrupted.

As a disrupted entity you could react by assessing, regrouping and reinventing yourself.

Or you could become a dinosaur caught watching your own meteoric destruction.

These are the times we live in. When changes are swift, and reaction time is crucial to success and even continuity.

Keep It Going gets the views of people in the maelstrom of change to share observations, thoughts and considered opinions on the changes we are going through.

This ongoing series developed by STORM.SG has been bringing groups of people from different industries to share their experiences and views on topical issues.

Among the previous panelists are Adrian Tan, Clemen Chiang, Ku Swee Yong, Danny Loong, Ivy Singh-Lim, KF Seetoh, Peter Knipp, Roland Ong, Jose Raymond, Arthur Tay, Prof Kirpal Singh.

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This year’s event, is in two parts.

Panel 1: The Thinking

The new landscape requires new approaches to issues. The existing modes of thinking will need to be tweaked or redefined as the workforce requirements change, the business opportunities are found in unexpected places.

Panel 2: The Network

Networks have played an important role in society. It’s the means with which we connect with various elements that contribute to our whole. These days networks take on greater significance as businesses are conducted virtually and in unconventional fashion.

Panelists include Aun Koh, Chairman and Chief Curator of Straits Clan, Sheo Rai, CMO of CaregiverAsia, Preeti Dubey, Founder of Strive High, Audrey Perera, Festival Director of True Colours, Bryan Tan CEO of Riglobe and Chinn Lim, Lead Strategist at Autodesk.

The panelists have experience in areas ranging from human capital to simulation and the arts to networking. Combined with the varied experiences of the members of the audience, it promises to be a lively session.

There are limited seats available, and if you would like to attend, please email for a ticket.

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