Keep It Going – Unconventional Design Thinking

HOW do the millennials work? What will the office of tomorrow be like?

What do you need to consider when you are thinking of preparing your businss for the future? How do you make an old business relevant?

Are new markets harder to reach?

How do wo handle social media and its technological cousins, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and any further progeny?

What happened to all the mega clubs?
These were among some of the topics discussed at the inaugural Keep It Going: By Design— Unconventional Design Thinking.

Keep It Going Unconventional Design Thinking



Here are some highlights of the 2 panel discussions: Virtual Worlds and Changing Landscapes,  held at the comfortable showroom of W.Atelier in Henderson.

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Look out for more coverage of the discussions.

Keep It Going: By Design is sponsored by OUE, W.Atelier and Vault@268.


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