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NO MATTER how well trained you are as a leader, something like COVID-19 will knock you off your game.

So, you can bet that the next round of leadership discussions and trainings will have a sizable chapter(s) on how to cope with pandemics, diseases, or sudden cessation of activity on a regional or global level.

How do you train leaders for what’s ahead when you don’t have a clear picture of what’s waiting for you?

Experience helps, maybe not directly, but it could offer insights from past experiences of strategies and reactions that could help to reduce the impact of a disruption.

Having a network of peers would also serve a leader well. And discussing issues, as this WED WEB CHAT series does, could also help you pick up fresh ideas across different industries.

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This week’s WED WEB CHAT discussion, Preparing Leaders For A Competitive Future gathers a varied group of experienced leaders from different industries and organisations.

Paul Harris, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Paul Harris brings over 30 years of experience from within the BMW Group, holding significant roles, including sales, marketing and financial services, in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Prior to his appointment at Rolls-Royce, he undertook a General Manager role in Northern Europe, an area that included Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States.

Paul leads the business from the company’s Asia Pacific regional office in Singapore covering the region outside of Greater China.

The long-established Rolls-Royce brand continues to set the standard regardless of the challenging times. What is its secret? Is it in the brand’s DNA or is the leadership renewal process key to the brand’s well-respected position?

Brian Riady, Deputy CEO & Executive Director, OUE Ltd

Brian Riady was appointed as the Deputy CEO and Executive Director of OUE Limited this year. 

He assists the Executive Chairman and Group CEO in overseeing all business operations of the Group, and sets and executes its strategic direction.

Brian is presently a non-independent non-executive director of OUE Commercial REIT Management Pte. Ltd., the manager of OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust.

Before joining OUE, he was at Lippo Group Indonesia, where he developed over 150 F&B  and entertainment outlets and expanded the business into over 30 cities across the country. Brian was an analyst at Credit Suisse’s Real Estate, Gaming and Lodging investment banking group prior to that.

As a young leader, Brian will have to envision how an established business will navigate a challenging environment, but could use his youth to his advantage as he appeals to his generation as they step up as key consumers.

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Luna Bajracharya, Hotel Manager, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach

Luna Bajracharya has been in the hospitality industry since 2006. She worked her way through various managerial positions in Shangri-La Singapore, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore and Bvlgari Resort Bali, before joining JW Marriott Singapore.

In her current role, Luna oversees the day-to-day management of rooms, F&B, operations and engineering, while ensuring a memorable experience for guests.

At a time of COVID-19 challenging times lie ahead for her and the demands on hospitality industry leaders will be particularly onerous.

Wladmir Silva, Chief Development Officer & Head of Consumer, APAC, Grace Blue Partnership 

Wladmir Silva has more than 25 years’ experience in executive search, management consulting, leadership and business management, and specialises in senior roles for consumer brands, digital organisations, and companies in the hospitality and travel sectors. Wladmir has worked globally in more than 40 countries with many international clients, like  Facebook, Grab, Miele, and Standard Chartered Bank.

He is a professional executive coach and is currently pursuing a PhD in General Management at the Singapore Management University.

How will hiring practices change as we come out of COVID-19 and face further changes to the business landscape? Will there be enough talent to fill the new jobs being created?

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