Life Before The Internet And Social Media

FOR the generations born with social media as a way of life, it must be hard to fathom how people found anything without a search engine like DuckDuckGo or the convenience of the Internet.

The Baby Boomer generation probably enjoyed the advantages of surfing through technological changes and being part of the change process. With this lived knowledge comes a deeper understanding and appreciation of the benefits of technology. We’ve done the legwork like going to a library and talking to people, rather than the fingerwork of scrolling and tapping for instant gratification.

One without the other would now seem a bit inadequate, but certainly taken together, it’s a more enriching experience.

It may seem like a long time ago, long before social media, but what was life like before the Internet came along? Don’t listen to hearsay, hear it from those who lived in those non-virtual times as they come together in the STORM-ASIA.COM webinar, Life Before The Internet And Social Media, on Thursday 25 February at 9pm.

Lawyer, Adrian Tan wrote The Teenage Textbook when he was 20 (the book has been reprinted nearly 20 times and is still on sale in bookshops). It is being reimagined as a new weekly TV series, starting on March 2 on Channel 5.

In Life Before The Internet And Social Media, Adrian will talk about his years growing up and the inspiration behind the book and its characters.

Joining him with their own tales of growing up are communicators in their own right: KF Seetoh of Makansutra fame, Patricia Chew who is the author of the Tony Tapir series of children’s books; Shirley Tan a former sports journalist turned literacy skills coach; Stephen Krempl, a corporate man turned author, speaker and CEO of his own business, Krempl Communications International; and Charlene Kang who grew up in a sheltered environment and now runs Vault@268.

Expect an entertaining evening of nostalgic anecdotes, with the likelihood of lessons — if you listen out for them.

To join the party to the past on 25 February (9pm), register by clicking on this link:

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