Making Good Mindful Decisions


IT took Norman New 20 years to get into a habit of meditating regularly, and that’s thanks to COVID-19 and the circuit breaker which stopped him from making excuses that he was lazy or busy.

Dr Gerard Wong sees the benefit of Mindful Based Strategic Awareness Thinking (MBSAT) in his daily life. He leads a short guided meditation to help you prepare for an important meeting, a challenging situation, or just to centre yourself.

Maria Tan leads a busy life in the tech industry and has constant back-to-back meetings with teams from around the region. Each region has its own cultural demands, so she uses MBSAT to help prepare for the onslaught of cultural exchanges.

And that COVID-19 brain fog that many people have been complaining about due to the virus’ impact on parts of the brain, Dr Gerard Wong says that it may not be due to COVID-19. Best to check in with a physician. But, he adds, the MBSAT practice couldn’t hurt!

Maria, Norman and Dr Wong are certified teachers of MBSAT and they share their experience and experiences at this WED WEB CHAT — Making Calm Decisions With MBSAT.

All Leaders Should Use MBSAT

In the video below, the panelists discuss the role of leaders and their influence over what happens to the public. They should be trained in MBSAT to have the calmness and clarity to make clearer decisions and have more empathy in their decisions.

Can MBSAT help in post-COVID brain fog some people complain about? Dr Gerard Wong says that “brain fog” could be due to many things, and those suffering from it should see a doctor first.

Mind Over Mind Battle

A health scare for Norman New led to a battle of wits. Fearful of a recurrence of his episode of fits, he found himself battling his own imagination. The MBSAT practice and meditation helped him face his own fears.

20 Years To Learn Meditation

Some people take to meditation with some challenges, while others can take up to 20 years to get into the habit of meditation. But regardless the length of time it takes to get there, the benefits are obvious.

CEO of BETA Guided Meditation

Physician and MBSAT teacher, Dr Gerard Wong leads a short guided meditation as part of the WED WEB CHAT — Making Calm Decisions With MBSAT.

This short meditation below can be done at any time and helps to centre the body and prepare you for a meeting or a challenging encounter.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Making Calm Decisions With MBSAT below.

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