Many Ways To Roam

Today’s traveller continues to enjoy the benefits of technology, which allows them to operate seamlessly at home and on the road, and enjoy trends that have widened their travel options. By Tan Hai Ting

Imagine after an exciting day of battling the tides in your kayak, you return to a welcoming apartment that subtly reminds you of home. Yet when you step out into the balcony, the glowing Moon set above the crashing waves, reminds you that you are in paradise. Most importantly, the rent for this little place in heaven is meagre as compared to a sea-view suite at a five-star hotel.

So, how affordable, chic, and exhilarating could your holiday be?

Gone are the days when the luxury traveller was content to be whisked off to a five-star hotel equipped with an infinity pool and a spa. Travellers are looking for a more high-impact experience.


According the Sport England, there are at least two million adults cycling once a week, compared to 710,400 taking to the golf course. Generally the core market for golf —affluent, middle-aged men — has shifted its interest to cycling. Known as “Bicycle Tourism”, these thrill seekers are offered a variety of options including day-long city tours to multi-city explorations. The sport, not only appeals to the baby boomer generation looking for a change in pace, but also, the selfie-loving Millennials, who aim to make use of their brand new toy, the GoPro or its equivalent. This, little camera is, credited for encouraging tourists to do more outdoor activities, allowing them to relive their exciting experience as they watch the recording of the activity.

Mark Greedy, CEO of DestinationElite, which packages high-end travel experiences, believes that outdoor activities have become a top priority for travellers, especially those of the younger generation.


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