Model Behaviour – Mercedes-Benz G63

If the big fella is out of range and sight, get your hands on a model that’s 18 times smaller, but possibly just as elusive. Mercedes-Benz has rolled out its G63 miniature models. By Rai Vikhnod

In stark contrast to most cars that are curved to let the air glide over it thereby enhancing their performance, Mercedes-Benz has decided to stop you in your tracks with the G-Class. Despite its angular dimensions, limited numbers and high sticker price, the Mercedes-AMG G63 has enjoyed a faithful group of followers.

Most found this mini military vehicle a tad hard to reconcile as a family mover, but it still built up a following that appreciated the incongruity of boxy, stark, utilitarian lines and plush, almost over-the-top interiors.

Now you can have one, without having to bid for outrageous certificates of entitlement or empty your pocket into the government’s coffers with taxes upon taxes.

Take the Crazy Colours option, where you can pick up (literally) your choice of colour — from Alien Green, Tomato Red or Solar Beam version. The G63 is available as 1:18 models, manufactured from resin by model car specialists GT Spirit.

Only 463 of these units — matching the internal code for the car, W463 — will be available. It would seem these vibrant G63 models are not available here — I doubt it’s a homologation issue — though if there’s enough clamour, I’m sure Daimler would look into securing some units.

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