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mother's day

AS long as you’re happy, I’m happy.

That’s my Mom for you. This is her standard answer when I ask her about what gift she would like. Seeing me happy is gift enough for her.

I could get away with that. Easily. But sometimes you have to splash some cash to show your appreciation, and soothe your own conscience. Hmmm…is that some sort of reverse psychology in play?


My Mom doesn’t spend money on herself and is saving up to leave it all for me one day. She keeps gifting me her entire heart, foregoing her own needs.

But, I know that there’s one thing which she loves: Perfume and anything that smells good, be it perfume or food.  She has never bought even a cheap bottle of perfume for herself for a full 78 years of her life and I decided to shower her with scents that she loves on Mother’s Day. 

For me, every day is Mother’s Day so I make sure that I surprise her with gifts that she is truly deserving of every other day and week.

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I arranged a delivery consisting of eau de parfum and scented candles from Maison 21G for Mom. 21G stands for 21 grams.

In 1907 Duncan McDougal conducted a study, weighing people pre- and post-mortem and  realised that there was a deficit of 21 grams on average.

Hence he deduced that 21 grams is the weight of your soul.

Thus my gift to mom is “the scent of your soul”, rather, I want to remember her always by the scent of her soul. 

www.maison21g.com is perfect for personalising your own creations. For Mom’s eau de parfum, I picked the Lavender Legend as the 1st ingredient and Tuberose Tribute for the second ingredient as she loves floral scents. There are many variations to play with, so go botanically wild! 

Mom was so excited when she received her perfume and couldn’t wipe off the smile from her face when my niece asked her in the car “Where is that incredibly lovely fragrance coming from?” 

Mom happily beamed: “ME!”

wwc 696

Fragrant Room

I made sure that her room smelled special so I ordered the half-moon shaped Maison 21G scented dual candles for her. It consisted of Sage Supreme and Fabulous Fig that filled up her boudoir like a Queen’s chamber sprinkled with heady fairy sprinkles.

Mom also likes to nap in the afternoon on the sofa in the living room therefore as a double surprise, she received another sweet smelling delivery from www.kironascent.com. The ultrasonic and pristine white Mystic Paradise aroma diffuser came with three essential oils —  lavender, exquisite and calming — to suit her mood. This humidifier emits a light and airy water mist that sends messages of love for Mom and the whimsical changing coloured lights bring out the inner child in her.

For when she awakens from her nap, she has a reed diffuser infused with orchid aroma for alertness and vitality. This keeps her feeling fresh while watching her favourite TV programmes.

Mom, I love you ‘cos you’re dope.

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