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IN an entertaining discussion on the future of virtual sessions that we have been forced to embrace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the audience was treated to some excellent examples of how to make the most of the situation.

WED WEB CHAT — Is The Future Virtual? featured Robin Kermode, coach, actor and best-selling author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen, Kamal Samuel, Managing Director (S) of Financial PR and the founder of The Little Black Book, Michelle Lam.

In the 45-minute discussion moderated by the publisher of Kannan Chandran, the topics ranged from how you might not want to sound presidential during a discussion, to how to capitalise on opportunities and the art of hosting a session.

With new restrictions imposed as a result of the ongoing threat of the coronavirus, our relationship with the virtual space will continue to be important. How best can we humanise this platform?

Watch the videos for some entertaining and excellent tips.

Robin Kermode talks about the art of hosting in this video.

Sometimes, you can get a better return by capitalising on potential rather than a physical asset. Kamal Samuel talks about how the cryptocurrency rage offered so many opportunities that passed the investor community by.

Kamal Samuel advocates selling the sexy dream in this video.

We all want to deliver a speech like President Barack Obama, but should we?

And what advice do you give a leader who has doubts about his “leader” looks just before announcing his candidacy?

Robin Kermode says you should approach these with due consideration in this entertaining video.

Watch the full discussion below.

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