New Diets To Sink Your Teeth Into

ARE YOU ready to push away the local faves like chai tow kway and nasi lemak?

Well, that’s what doctors and dieticians would have you do if you want to switch to a healthier diet. But not for the reasons you might think!

For the longest time we were lead to believe that fatty foods were our enemy, but science has since taken a different view.

Dr. Jonathan Carp, Founder and CEO, Miracle Noodle

Dr. Jonathan Carp says villainising fat for so many years has been one of the reasons for obesity in the US. “We tried to shun away from fats and people ate more carbohydrates — that has lead to the obesity epidemic of today.”

Thankfully, Dr. Carp, who is the Founder and CEO of health food brand Miracle Noodle, says as we learn more about diets and their effects, new movements are taking shape to improve our health.

One of the latest he highlights, is the Ketogenic Diet — a low-carb, high-fat diet that is meant to re-train the body to use fat for energy.

Ketogenic food pyramid
A basic ketogenic food pyramid with a focus on proteins and fats but zero carbs.

Breaking into Singapore’s Market

In a bid to liven up Singapore’s health food market, local startup The Clever Consumer has introduced Miracle Noodles in Singapore.

Based on traditional shirataki noodles from Japan, they are made from the konjac yam. While the product resembles noodles and can be used as such, it is made up of dietary fibre and has almost zero carbohydrates. It offers an option for those looking for low-carb diets or carb replacements in everyday meals.

Miracle noodes Miracle rice
Noodles and rice substitutes made from shirataki means the rice contains zero carbohydrates and no calories.

Mindset And Diet Change

Dr. Carp says that making the transition to healthier foods as easy as possible will be the key to capturing a market share and encouraging more people to eat healthy.

“We want to make it very convenient — that’s the focus of the product.”

To satiate local tastes, Dr. Carp is working with The Clever Consumer to add familiar flavours to his product line. Local favourites like laksa and char kway teow might soon join the line-up that already features the likes of pad thai, spaghetti marinara, tom yum, and Japanese curry noodles.

He notes that Singapore is on the cusp of a health food revolution. The prevalence of health issues and increased consumer awareness will pave the way for more innovations and wide spread adoption of health foods in coming years. “The change will come from the ground up as more consumers make the right choices either out of necessity or a renewed interest in eating healthily.”

Wondering what tasty dishes you can cook up with Miracle Noodles? Check out a recipe in out new Whip It UP! section!

Easy Laksa Pesto — Whip It UP!

Miracle Noodles is available online from The Clever Consumer.

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