What’s New In The Material World


IN MANY areas of our lives, we see things that would have looked so different a couple of decades ago.

We were not so devoted to our mobile devices. We would have had more time for others.

We would have been thinking of which company to be with for the rest of our careers instead of wondering if there’s a robot waiting to take our jobs.


Abimanyu Shunmugam
Abimanyu Shunmugam, ultramarathoner.

We would have been sitting in an office with colleagues instead of working solo.

We would have been planning that one big holiday for the year, instead of which islands we’d like to hop to this weekend.

We might have cooked on different sorts of implements, on an open fire, instead of having our machines time everything and guide us along.

Audra Morrice
Audra Morrice, celebrity chef.

We were still enjoying driving instead of thinking of autonomous vehicles steering our journeys.

We were busy polluting the environment. And hopefully will do less of it in the future.

The world has changed. But it has been changing on an ongoing basis.

As the population increased, demands grew and imaginations widened, but we never reached a point where we were satisfied. And that fuelled the creativity and the challenges.

Curiosity skilled us and killed some of the old ways.

Some may argue that’s the price of progress. Others may say you should moan less and just keep up.

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New Materials For Our Age

In this age of disruption, digitisation and automation what are the new materials and thinking that will make their way into our lives?

What are the new things that will reach for our collective attention and drive change in habits, behaviour and business practices?

Keep It Going: By Design

Kenneth Tan
Kenneth Tan, streaming forth.

Today, four panelists from different industries gather to share their thoughts and experiences on the New Materials In Our Lives, at Keep It Going: By Design. This STORM initiative brings together practitioners from the culinary, athletic, social media and additive industries.

Audra Morrice, fresh from announcing the winner of MasterChef Singapore, is old-school in her cooking preferences but understands well the new methods that are enabled by what technology is cooking up.

Abimanyu Shunmugam is a police officer by day and enjoys running ultramarathons. From the shoes to the clothes and the training regimen that he has evolved over the years, he keeps running at a steadily improving pace.

Mahendran Reddy
Mahendran Reddy, adding to the future.

Mahendran Reddy, Deputy Director of the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster is an architect turned designer who has some incredible insights into how 3D printing and the new technologies will build a future that promises to be vastly different.

Kenneth Tan is the co-founder of BeLive, a live streaming platform. The entrepreneur has been exploring ways to make the new media platforms relevant to today’s audiences and reckons that live streaming is the way to connect with larger groups of people who are easily jaded.

Live-Streaming By Jun Lee

Jason Lee Byung Jun, who represents BeLive, will be live-streaming part of today’s session. To watch Jun in action at  Keep It Going: By Design — New Materials In Our Lives, on the BeLive platform, follow these steps:

Jun Lee, BeLive

Download the app BeLive – Social Live Streaming.

Launch the app.

Register your information.

Search for Junn0215 and follow him. 

Stay tuned for further reports on the event.
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