When Will Regulators Catch Up With Innovators?

The field of stem cell research is opening up fast as research progresses apace. However, are regulators slowing down the process with their entrenched metrics? By S. Sakthivel

For Edwin Chow, the future is already here. The Chief Operating Officer of CellResearch Corporation says there has been much progress made in the field of stem cell research, however there is a lot of fear of new medicine that is getting in the way.

“People are unsure of what to take in. There are a lot of new ideas but there is uncertainty about the regulations. The government is often trailing the industry when it comes to this,” Chow says.

“But people on the receiving end of new treatments, would want to be assured. But the, and the governments should not be afraid of new science. Everyone has to work together.”

Chow talks to STORM about how stem cell research will reshape the future.

Edwin Chow is a panellist at STORM magazine’s upcoming event, Keep It Going 2016, which brings together leaders and decision makers from various industries who talk about Protecting Against Headwinds.

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