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AS Singapore’s Pioneer generation heads into its twilight years, the legacy this group of nation builders leaves behind will comprise the building blocks of the country as well as whatever they have built or amassed personally.

Those inheriting the fruits of their labour will want to continue building on the work already done. But, there are challenges to be faced as rapid changes sweep across the planet.

Being prepared for change is an important aspect of managing your assets. Whether it is property or stocks, the pile of cash or your businesses, the intention is always to have these valuable components of your inventory outperform their original value and outlive you.

Passing it on to the next generation in good fashion is a fundamental element of estate planning.

But how to achieve this? Is writing a will enough? Or do you have to organise your portfolio in a certain way? Is a trust a good way to ensure your wishes are followed beyond your time on this planet?

And now we have COVID-19 which has affected the status of quite a few people.

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In these changing times, how best can you manage your estate?

This Wednesday’s WED WEB CHAT — Plan Your Estate Well addresses this issue on 18 August 2021, from 12:45-1:30pm.

There are several scenarios that could come into play. From the variety of your assets and their geographic spread to the number of beneficiaries, taxes, public housing, your expensive watches, stamps, coins…the list can sometimes prove quite confusing.

How best to keep it simple and ensure they eventually wind up in the right hands?

The panellists for this session include experts who will cover these discussions and any questions you may have.

Lee Chiwi is the CEO of PreceptsGroup, which offers solutions for estate administration. Chiwi is the author of various books on succession planning, trusts and wills.

Lee Chiwi
Lee Chiwi, CEO PreceptsGroup sees value in establishing trusts.

Chiwi was in legal practice before being appointed as Chief Executive of British & Malayan Trustees Limited, the oldest trust company in Singapore. He joined Rockwills in a similar capacity in 2008 before it was bought out and renamed PreceptsGroup, in 2019.

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Ethan Lim graduated with an Honour’s degree in Banking and Finance from Nanyang Technological University and joined the banking industry. He was previously with Credit Suisse AG, handling the wealth of ultra-high net worth families across Southeast Asia.

Ethan Lim
Ethan Lim manages family offices for wealthy clients of HP Wealth Management.

He joined independent multi-family office HP Wealth Management, which was founded in 2009 by Urs Brutsch.

As Senior Relationship Manager, Ethan looks after two Malaysian family offices in Singapore. He looks after their investments in public and private markets, global real estate as well as venture investments in start-ups. He ensures a proper family governance structure is in place to maintain family harmony and also looks into their philanthropic ambitions.

Ku Swee Yong is the CEO of International Property Advisor and the author of six books on the property market.

Prior to running his own practice in 2005, he was a Director in the Real Estate Centre of Expertise at Société Générale Private Banking, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at Savills Singapore and the General Manager at Far East Organization’s Indonesia office.

Ku Swee Yong
Realtor, Ku Swee Yong, CEO of International Property Advisor, discusses the role of property in your estate planning.

Swee Yong’s opinions are regularly featured in the mainstream and niche media and he is one of a handful of property agents appointed as adjunct faculty — at the Singapore Management University, National University of Singapore and Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Learn from the experiences of these gentlemen about managing complex family businesses, and how you could apply some of their principles in structuring your own fortunes.

You can register for the WED WEB CHAT — Plan Your Estate Well via THIS LINK.


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