Relax And Enjoy The Journey With These Driving Tips


AS the year-end holiday season sneaks up on us, many would opt to head out of Singapore. Some will drive north to Malaysia and beyond. Others will wing it to other parts of the globe before hopping into a car and exploring new places on wheels.

This WED WEB CHAT — Driving Trips & Tips wants you to get more out of your trip, while driving safely.

The experts on the panel include Christopher Quek, who has organised numerous driving holidays in 3 decades, and Vincent Lee, an experienced driver trainer for more than 2 decades. Together with moderator, Kannan Chandran, who has been a motoring journalist since the 1990s, the trio share tips and experiences in an informative and engaging discussion.

What’s the ideal environment to have in your cabin? Should you leave the radio on? Should you explore how connected your devices are to the car’s system? 

What sort of insurance should you get? Did you check your tyres?

How do you tackle driving on the other side of the road? A big, useful tip here about how you approach this confusing situation.

And what are the panellists’ memorable trips? From the northern lights in Norway to ice driving in Sweden, catching sunsets from mountain tops to driving along the picturesque Victoria coastline along Australia’s Great Ocean Road, and even having horses bearing down on you along the German Autobahn, while travelling at close to 300kmh, it’s just roads of fun!

So many adventures to be had. 

Time to hit the road!

You can watch the full video at the end of the article.

Here are some highlights from the WED WEB CHAT — Driving Trips & Tips.

Driving On The Other Side Of The Road

It can be a struggle to figure out which side of an empty road to drive on. But here’s a useful tip. And watch your lane discipline!

Rental Cars: Insurance & Aquaplaning

How should you check your rental car, and what sort of insurance should you take to protect yourself. And some sticky situations that the panellists experienced.

Radios & Exit Strategies

Keep the radio on and stay relaxed. Don’t tense up and lose sight of the bigger picture; it will help you out of a tight spot. 

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — Driving Trips & Tips below.

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