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IT is heading towards that time of year when holidays are on our minds.

This will be a good time to have a family holiday after the easing of pandemic rules and with more countries opening up, and to get away from the confines of Singapore.

There are many places to head towards, depending on the kind of holiday you’re after: From climbing mountains to diving into oceans or just chilling by the beach.

But one of the joys of travelling must be the driving holiday; what you didn’t get a chance to do very much in the past couple of years.

To hit the open road, exploring towns and venturing into places that are not the usual tourist traps. Many people dislike the idea of driving in a foreign country, but it’s such a liberating experience. No need to be shepherded around and forced to follow a timetable. Don’t you do enough of that at home?

The road trip has many benefits. It offers freedom of movement, for one. And you can do it at your own time and pace. You have greater flexibility to have a looser itinerary and make impromptu stops.

There are many great roads you can travel that will take you along coastlines, up mountains, through valleys and past stunning scenery.

There are also things you have to be mindful of. As a stranger in a strange land, you’ll have to get used to the rules of the land and the driving habits of the local communities. And some rules are different!

This week’s WED WEB CHAT — Road Trips & Tips highlights some great driving experiences and also the voices of experience from panellists Christopher Quek and Vincent Lee.

Chrisopher Quek
Christopher Quek has led several driving journeys over the last 30 years.

Christopher, who founded Wheels For Fun, has organised a host of travel adventures for large and small groups for more than three decades.

Specialising in motoring holidays, treasure hunts and driving experiences regionally, Christopher has been showing drivers places to discover in New Zealand, China, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Angkor Wat, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Vincent Lee says “don’t drink and drive”.

Vincent Lee has enjoyed a long career in the motoring industry. The bassist of local band The Oddfellows, who recently released their new album, What’s Yours And Mine, after 30 years, has been an international driver trainer since 2000.

The two driving enthusiasts will share their experiences and advice on having an enjoyable and safe holiday wherever the road may take you.

WED WEB CHAT — Driving Trips & Tips takes place on Wednesday 7 September, from 12:45–1:30pm (SGT). Join the session by registering via this link: https://zurl.co/RCZP

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