Haven At The SE7ENTH

PULLING away from the street level, you leave the hustle and bustle of Shenton Way behind and settle into the chic environment of SE7ENTH at Oakwood Premier.

Serviced apartments are not known for the food and beverage offering. A well-equipped kitchen often sorts things out for those taking to long-stay digs. But being in the CBD and with few options, especially at night, this 268-unit property in Downtown OUE has inserted a dining experience that hits many of the right spots.


SE7ENTH is nestled on the 7th floor of Oakwood Premier, in Tower One of Downtown OUE.

Tucked in one corner of the level that also shares a bar and access to a terrace with a pool and private rooms, SE7ENTH has a bright, airy feel about it. A large lighting cluster serves to illuminate as well as decorate the 74-seater restaurant.

se7enth-rest Chilli crab pasta
Softshell crab alongside pasta in a chilli-based sauce.

The comfortable setting is still sharp enough to serve as a place to conduct business meetings. There’s enough distance between the tables and there’s an a la carte menu as well as a well-priced $29.90++  set lunch on weekdays.

Service is staggered, starting from 6:30 am breakfast till 10:30 where you can dig into a big breakfast or pancakes or steak. Lunch is from noon to 2 pm and dinner from 6 to 10 pm.

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Heightened Flavours

Executive Chef Dickson Fung has smartly put together a menu that will appeal to a wide selection of tastes.

For starters, there’s a wide range of vegetables, soups and bread that could be a meal in itself. But why stay at the rabbit food counter?

se7enth-rest cod fish hor fun
The Codfish Hor Fun brings new flavours to the dish.

The mains are where the action is.

Steak, salmon, fish and chips, burgers, pasta; all done to a fine turn and given a twist in the finish.

The crispy chicken drumlets serves as a tasty starter as it builds up anticipation for what is to come.

The Salted Egg Yolk Cod Fish and Chips goes with the current craze for the Asian touch. The taste of the original is good enough, and the subtle salted egg yolk flavour lets you in on the Asian influence.

More Asian flavours are infused into the Chilli Crab Pasta, a tasty dish with good amounts of crab meat, a tolerably spicy sauce and a piece of softshell crab.

se7enth-rest salted egg yolk fish and chips
Salted egg yolk sauce on the codfish and fries gives an Asian twist to a Western staple.

The Codfish Hor Fun raises the bar for the noodle dish several notches.

Despite all these fabulous creations, the focus at SE7ENTH is still on the steaks. From Australian grain-fed rib-eye to sirloin beef hor fun and several renditions in between.

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But it’s the Wagyu Beef Burger with Pan-Fried Foie Gras that kicks everything into a higher gear. The deconstructed burger is served on a large board with each bun laden down with goodies.

On one there is a thick, juicy Wagyu patty with cheese, greens and dressing. On the other a sunny side egg, bacon and fries to boot. It’s a challenge to take it all in in one bite, so, going the refined route of using your cutlery would be advisable. Especially if you’re in a business meeting.

That said, it’s a staggering feast all by itself and is a hard one to ignore on the menu.

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When the night blankets the central business district, quietening things down, the SE7ENTH setting would be great for more cosy encounters. The 1-for-1 three-course dinner offered at $88 makes for an attractive proposition.

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Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown 1, Level 7. Singapore 068809.

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