Seniors Want To Work, Too

WED WEB CHAT Rise of the Unretired

WHAT is the 3M Health Plan?

Why should you never look to the past? What should you learn today if your retirement is decades down the line?

Why is working past retirement important?

The panellists in the WED WEB CHAT — Rise Of The UnRetired shared their personal experiences about continuing to be actively engaged after retirement.

There were anecdotes, recommendations and suggestions, which could help those about to face retirement.

Panellists for the session:

Suresh Menon, retired Singapore Airlines pilot and now pilot trainer;

Zainab Rahim, broadcaster turned trainer/counsellor and author of Never A Victim and Emotional Empowerment;

Dr Amir Singh, Consultant, Training Vision Institute, starting the psychology and counselling department;

Jasmine Adams, lawyer and lecturer who is now a tour guide;

Amb Mohammad Alami Musa, Head of Studies in Inter-Religious Relations in Plural Societies (SRP) Programme at S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University.

Here are some highlights from the discussion.

You can watch the full discussion at the foot of this article.

Why Work After Retirement?

There are many reasons to stay active and engaged in the work force.

Among them: Escape from the spouse and escape from death. 

Which is worse?

Retirement Dos & Don’ts

Some tips on what you should do and not do. Don’t look back, do what you want to do, and be prepared.

Ageism — A Numbers Game

Age is a number. One that will be used against you if you get competitive. But it’s useful when it helps connect the dots.

Do Retirees Know What The Kids Want?

How to get the most out of our relationships with the younger generation?

Don’t talk down to them and involve them in the narrative.

Advice To My Younger Self

What would you tell your younger self about retiring, to help those who are going to face similar issues in their life journey?

The panellists offer sound advice, from not looking back to learning languages.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — RISE of the UnRetired below.

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If you have a topic that is of interest, or have someone who would make a good panellist with a thought-provoking perspective on a subject, please email with your details and a short summary.

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