Singapore Must Host A Big E-Sport Series

THE GLOBAL surge of interest in E-Sports has taken place in a very short period of time, just a couple of decades.

From video games to online games involving professional teams that battle it out for million-dollar pay cheques and prize money, it’s become a huge spectator sport, filling arenas, and keeping online viewers glued to their screens.

Significant tournament finals can fill a stadium, and global audiences keep climbing — from 270 million in 2016 to 495 million in 2020, according to Syracuse University research data.

With such a stellar trajectory, there are opportunities aplenty for those who are keen on venturing into this space. While a minuscule number will find fame, just as in any professional sport, it’s the supporting industries that will benefit from building opportunities around the sport.

At STORM-ASIA’s Keep It Going event Game On! Where’s The Money In E-Sports? panellists from the industry spoke about the industry and the opportunities it presented.

On the panel were Rai Cockfield III of, Nicholas Khoo, Chairman of Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) and gamer Ann Tan.

Ann, who has been playing DOTA 2 for 12 years considers herself a passionate evangelist of the game. She holds down a regular job and plays after work.

She spots an opportunity for Singapore to put itself on the E-Sport map.

Watch out for more highlights from the discussion, Keep It Going Game On! Where’s The Money In E-Sports, organised by STORM-ASIA.COM and Millet World.

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