New Social Media Trends To Work With

SOCIAL MEDIA moves swiftly as disruptors and generations push for more customised platforms.

The generations that grew up with Facebook and learned how to use it may find themselves left behind as the next generation looks to other platforms like Tik Tok and Snapchat.

It would seem the era of packaged information could be on the way out as immediacy and honesty become traits valued by a generation raised on communication from behind screens and via text.

BeLive is a live streaming app that brings a rough edge to communication, but ensures authenticity.

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At the recent Keep It Going: By Design discussion on New Materials In Our Lives,  Kenneth Tan, CEO of BeLive spoke about why broadcaster Mediacorp, which is trying hard to remain relevant in a storm of disruption, has taken a small stake in his business.

Kenneth Tan, Audra Morrice BeLive, Keep It Going
Kenneth Tan talks about his live-streaming app BeLive as fellow panelist Audra Morrice listens for opportunities to use the platform.

Need For Authenticity

Live-streaming allows BeLive to interact with viewers and Tan likens it to “virtual busking”. He says it’s “authentic” and allows live-streaming talent like Jun Lee, who was at the session, to connect better with the audience.

Increasingly, Tan sees more engagement with advertisers as products are trialled on platforms such as BeLive.

Keep It Going
Listening out for social media trends.

While making money is still the name of the game, it is not something Tan hopes will happen too soon. He has other objectives he hopes to fulfil.

Hear what he has to say in this video.

The event was organised by STORM.SG and panelists hailed from various industries: Mahendran Reddy, Deputy Director, National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster; Audra Morrice, Chef and MasterChef Singapore presenter; ultramarathoner Abimanyu Shunmugam; and the CEO of BeLive live-streaming app Kenneth Tan.

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