Which Direction Should You Charge In 2019?

THE economic outlook for this year portends heavy weather.

There are concerns over rising trade tensions, global protectionism, as well as tighter financial conditions arising from domestic policy tightening and rising global bond yields.

Against a backdrop of rising interest rates, tighter liquidity and higher risk premium, cost of capital will increase, posing risk for asset-heavy and interest rate sensitive sectors not well backed by cash flows.

So, how will 2019 shape up?


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Our panellists at this year’s Charger Award are happy to share their views with you.

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Goldbell Group

While the Charger Award will acknowledge the companies that excelled in their industries in 2018, the discussions will cover a wider range of topics. The panellists hail from a variety of industries, and here are some of their talking points.

The Tech Tacticimage

“We need to invest in growth opportunities. Tech companies with robust IP resent such opportunities,” says Dr Anil Ratty, Chairman & CEO of Cennerv Pharmaceuticals.

He adds there are gems in Singapore that can be unearthed.

Dr Ratty has held various scientific and corporate position ins the US and Singapore and his company develops drugs for mental disorders or illnesses.

He is looking to list his company and has faced a few obstacles en route.


Big On Small Capsimage

Chong Huai Seng, an independent investor and former fund manager feels there is a need for one dedicated, professionally run fund to invest in Small Cap companies. This will provide retail investors with the necessary reassurance to participate.

“I am speaking from my previous experience as a fund manager running the highly successful Sesdaq Fund in early 1990s.”


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Relax The Gripimage

Kamal Samuel, Managing Director of Financial PR adds that more people have access to global markets, hence making Singapore less attractive.

He feels the grip on the market should be relaxed, allowing for volatility within constricted bands.

The quality and industry scope of listings should also be improved to increase investor interest.

Collaboration with other ASEAN countries’ exchanges would help create a critical mass similar to that of NASDAQ.

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A Private Exchangeimage

Dr Clemen Chiang, Founder and CEO of Spiking feels there’s an “urgent need for private stock exchange so that private companies can raise funding and investors can liquidate investments.

“Despite recent announcement to help private companies go public, the threshold of S$300 million market cap is too high a barrier to cross,” he adds.


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