The Future Of Demand — Tourism And Software

Future of Demand

AFTER enduring two years of pandemic measures, we find ourselves emerging into a different world.

In this reawakened state, we still face various issues. There’s a war raging in Ukraine. Food supplies are affected. Inflation is threatening. And we aren’t rid of the COVID-19 virus.

But the time spent in lockdown or circuit breaker mode has helped organisations rethink their strategies.

The WED WEB CHAT — The Future Of Demand asks organisations to share their approach to handling the post-pandemic market.

3 Waves Of Tourism

Tourism ground to a halt, but now there’s revenge travel taking place as flights are full and destinations that are open to tourism are enjoying healthy visitor numbers.

Brent Anderson of Tourism Australia talks about the 3 waves of tourism: Reconnecting with relatives and friends; holidays; and the upcoming Romance wave.

Holidays have stretched from a week to a fortnight. People are opting for self-drive adventures. And Australia is now realising the richness of its First Nation culture as a tourist draw.

Hard Facts About Software

During the circuit breaker, working from home became the norm. That meant people had to have effective and secure connectivity and software.

Zoho stepped in to offer their Zoho One suite free during the circuit breaker period. This allowed small businesses to carry on operating, and it also allowed customers to appreciate how software as a service made for easier workflow.

Zoho’s business spiked.

Chia Ching Khoo of Zoho talks about the privately-held company’s approach to building tools to help the community. With over 10,000 employees in 19 countries, it is not a small business, but behaves like a start up.

It holds integrity and honesty as core, unshakable values that will run alongside a strategy that is bold and brave.

The Future Of Demand discussions form part of the WED WEB CHAT series, and will explore how various industries are going to anticipate future needs — food, tech, property, medicine, entertainment as examples. 

You can watch the full discussion at the foot of this article.

Here are some highlights from the discussion.

Changing Travel Trends

Brent Anderson of Tourism Australia talks about the post-pandemic travel frenzy that is taking place Down Under.

Safe Or Brave Strategy?

Do you adopt a safe or brave strategy when facing uncertainty?

Brent Anderson of Tourism Australia opts for a strategy that straddles both. He says he will try new things and learn along the way.

Chia Ching Khoo of Zoho says a brave strategy is in keeping with the software company’s philosophy. Being brave has allowed it to remain privately held and successful. 

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — The Future of Demand below.

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